Riders must display Pirelli decals on both sides of front fender and both sides of lower fairing. Riders must not display
any competing tire brands on the motorcycle or rider outfit. Using only tires purchased from Mark Tenn Motorsports.
 1
st place finish payable by check in full amount ($5,000.00).
 Daytona payouts for tire credit will have support amounts deducted from final credit. Paid in contingency credits only
redeemable with Mark Tenn Motorsports.
 Riders receiving credits agree to allow Pirelli, Orion Motorsports and Mark Tenn Motorsports to use the likeness of
the rider in promoting the race and the rider results in all mainstream media
 Payouts are based on final standings of the Daytona 200. Awarded credits may be used as soon as final results are
posted and made official

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